Cardiology Evaluation

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About Cardiology Evaluations in Jackson Heights, Queens

A cardiology evaluation is an important set of tests designed to help vascular doctors in Jackson Heights to detect complications that can lead to coronary heart disease, hypertension and if left untreated, events such as a stroke.

Causes for Cardiology Evaluation

Individuals at high risk for cardiovascular events are particularly encouraged to have a comprehensive cardiac evaluation. These include men as well as women:

A cardiology evaluation begins with a physical examination as well as an interview to obtain a complete medical history. During the physical examination, your heart doctor in Jackson Heights will listen for abnormal heart sounds and examine your body for any signs of swelling. You will then have your blood pressure takewas taken a blood test to measure your cholesterol and glucose levels.
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Your Jackson Heights cardiologist will ask you a number of questions to establish your medical history. Some common questions asked during this interview include:

Based upon the information obtained at this point, your cardiologist may perform:

An EKG to detect any irregular heart rhythms. Further laboratory tests to detect the presence of anemia and infections, to determine the level of kidney and liver function and to test levels of homocyteine and C-reactive protein, both of which provide an indication of the risk of cardiac disease.

  • A chest X-ray.
  • An echocardiogram.
  • A Holter monitor.
  • Stress tests.
  • An angiography.

Based upon the results of these tests, your vascular doctor in Jackson Heights will explain your cardiac health to you as well as devise a treatment plan for you that may require you to make some lifestyle changes. Some patients may be required to take medications and others may need to undergo various medical procedures to reduce their risk of cardiac events.

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