Nuclear Stress Tests

nuclear stress test jackson heights

About Nuclear Stress

A nuclear stress test is a type of stress test that is conducted by vascular doctors in Jackson Heights to examine the difference in your heart’s performance before and after exercise. Images of the heart are taken at resting and following a period of exercise to:

To prepare for the test you should:

During the test, your Jackson Heights cardiologist will measure your EKG at resting. The doctor will ask you to walk on a treadmill at an increasing speed. As soon as you exceed your target heart rate by 85% or experience discomfort, the treadmill will be stopped. The doctor will give you an injection of a harmless radioactive substance that shows up on a gamma-ray camera. The camera takes pictures of different parts of the heart and sends them to a computer monitor.

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Your heart doctor in Jackson Heights will ask you to return 3-4 hours after the images have been recorded. During this period you can go about your daily activities, but do not exercise or consume and caffeine containing products. When you return, the doctor will use the gamma-ray camera to take pictures of your resting heart.

While the nuclear stress test is a relatively safe procedure, some patients may experience a few complications. These potential complications include:

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